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Want to get Qualifications in Animal Care?

About our Training
Just for Cats Cattery works alongside our other company, A & D Training Ltd, who are a fully approved training centre with City & Guilds specialising in Animal Care training & education. A & D Training Ltd only uses the facilities at Just for Cats Cattery to enhance the learning process. Students from various schools within Peterborough and Lincolnshire now choose this as a vocational option and a viable means towards a career path. Animal Care Training is accessible for adults too. Our environment offers a relaxed approach towards learning whereby the students are encouraged to work at their own pace which is both enjoyable, fun and very rewarding.

“It’s about having fun while learning”

What does Animal Care Training Involve?
Each student will be expected to get involved with all the practical aspects of caring for animals. It’s very much a practical hands on approach learning. You will learn how to clean animal’s accommodation, provide food and water, study animal’s behaviour and temperament, learn how to handle various types of animals, prepare food and store animals feed and how to monitor the animal’s health and well-being. By the end of your course you will feel more confident being around various animals.

Your practical learning will be further supported with underpinning written knowledge by referring to our extensive library of suitable textbooks. There are a number of units to complete for each qualification and you are required to answer sets of questions. We encourage you to make use of pictures, drawings, photographs, use of tables/charts as well as written text to answer all your questions and put all this together for building your portfolio of evidence.

Distance Learning
As an alternative to attending our facilities on a regular basis to complete your course and no matter where you live in the UK you can study the level 1 course at home based on what we call a “Distance Learning - Home Study Courses”. This learning method will require the student to find work experience within a cattery or kennels to gain the necessary experience to cover the practical work. A date will be arranged during the course for the student to come to our cattery for the practical assessments to be made to ensure the student is competent in all aspects of the practical work.

City & Guilds endorses all these qualifications and they are well recognised throughout the animal industry. All the qualifications involves practical assessments to determine your practical competence within the work place.

The qualifications we currently run are:

Certificate & Diploma Level I - Animal Care (0361-01)
There are two routes you can take 1] A short course – Certificate or 2] Diploma. These level 1 qualifications requires the student to complete a total of 3 and 7 full units respectively with written evidence for questions and answers. The assignments for each unit are practically based and therefore will require the student to work at our cattery to gain the necessary experience. It will provide the student with all the basics for looking after animals. The student is required to sit an on-line test (multiple choice test) contributing to your overall grade.

Certificate & Diploma Level 2 - Animal Care (0074-02)

Again the same applies as above there are two routes you can take, a short course - Certificate or Diploma in Animal Care. The level 2 certificate requires the student to complete 3 units and the diploma requires 6 units to be completed. The level 2 allows for student's natural progression from the level 1 qualification.  The course will allow the student to learn more about animal science, animal housing, information technology, customer care, kennel & cattery and pet grooming. The student is expected to provide more detailed written information for their questions compared to a level 1. The course should take approximately 12 months to complete but this may vary depending on the student's ability and circumstances.

Qualification Time Scale
This really depends on the students age and ability but usually these qualification can be completed within 12 months, although it is usual for the young students to complete over two academic years.

How the course works?
There are a number of units to complete that are applicable for the qualification you choose with an on-line test (multiple choice) to be arranged at our centre to suit the student. One unit will be completed at a time before progressing to the next unit. Your completed unit will be marked and feedback given to the student. Each unit is made up of a set of questions & answers and assignments. Most of the units are written based that can be answered at home and there are some units that require practical assessments. Observations on the student will be made here at our cattery facilities.

Course Prices
Each unit of the chosen qualification is based on £50 per unit for level 1 and £65 per unit for level 2 qualifications (plus Registration, on-line test and certification fees if applicable) Prices are as follows:

Level 1 Certificate: £150
Level 1 Diploma: £350
Level 2 Certificate: £195
Level 2 Diploma: £390

Method of Payment
We can arrange a direct debit with your bank to make equal monthly payments and to spread the costs over a 12-month period.

If your interested in getting qualified in Animal Care and would like to sign up for our training call 01733 705349



NPTC Assessment Centre

City and Guilds Approved Centre

What Training Facilities do we have?
Please browse through our website where we provide more detail on our facilities. However, in addition to this we have a specially built training room with access to a computer/internet and toilet/washroom for all our students. We also have a comprehensive library for accessing books on animal care as well as using the internet for researching various topics of information.

We have on our site a whole range of animals including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, Chinchillas, hamsters and chickens. From time to time we also board tortoises, pet rats and mice.

What about your Career Prospects
Once you progress from level 1 and complete level 2 in Animal Care this is where it will start to open doors for you to an opportunity to a whole range of career paths. You may want to start thinking about a diploma in animal care as further studies.

For a start all catteries and kennels prefer you to have a level 2 and so do pet stores. Your qualification may also lead you to the RSPCA, the police force as a dog handler or dog grooming parlours. Veterinary practices and zoology is another career choice although further higher qualifications are required.
For further information on animal care careers contact your local Connexions (