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Newsletter- Autumn 2010

Just Animal Products - Gift Shop

We now have a gift shop, linked with Ebay for a range of animal related products.
Just click on the link below to go straight into our Just Animal Products ebay shop.
Ebay shop – Just Animal Products

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Know your Cat Breeds

Bengal Cat

Bengal CatThe Bengal Cat was created in the 1970’s in America with the sole purpose of producing an off spring variety of the wild Asian Leopard Cat to the domestic cat.

Bengal Description

Bengals have a sleek body and look basically wild. They love water and prefer you to leave a water tap running so they can play with. It is strong boned and muscular. The head is broad, longer than it is wide with rounded contours, much like its wild ancestors. The neck is thickset and muscular and its nose is large and red in colour with a black outline. Its large eyes are almond shaped with short ears. The thick medium–length coat is soft and needs to be combed occasionally to keep it looking good.

The Bengal catBengals are extremely intelligent cats who form strong bonds with their owners.  The Bengal's activity level is very high and they love to play, run and leap. They are great climbers and jumpers. They could at times be described as mischievous. Bengals are not a cat to be ignored. They sometimes demand a lot of attention but they will always keep you entertained with their antics. Very affectionate and great with children and dogs

Bengal Varieties

Bengals come in both spotted and marbled patterns and in brown tabby, seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby and seal mink tabby. Colours maybe ivory, cream, yellow, buff, light or dark tan, golden, orange and mahogany. The patterns maybe in black, dark brown, tan, chocolate or in cinnamon.


The main controversy surrounding the Bengal is its temperament. Offspring's of the original Leopard Cat crosses and even 3rd and 4th generation offspring can revert back to being wild and attack without warning. So anyone wanting a Bengal cat as a pet should make sure with their breeders that it is a least 5 generations are removed from the wild cat ancestor.

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Topic of the Month Does your Cat Scratch Furniture?

cat's scratching furnitureScratching is normal behaviour with cats especially when they do  this outside of the home. If, however, they scratch in the home then it becomes a problem due to the damage it causes. It has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws that they are sharpening their claws. It turns out that this is only a secondary reason.

Research on cat behaviour suggests that the major reason for this behaviour is communication. By roughing up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favourite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to. Cats have scent glands in their paws so that when they make scratching movements they leave odour cues that the cats can smell. The fact that cats leave scent marks by making scratching movements may be the reason that cats will continue to try to scratch objects even after they have been declawed. Declawed cats may still be leaving scent marks on objects they scratch.

So how can you help prevent damage to your furniture? Well the best piece of equipment to invest in is a scratching post with cat nip put onto the stem of the scratch post. This will attract the cat to the post. Make sure the cat nip doesn’t get on to any part of your furniture. Site the post near to where the cat is scratching or if this is inconvenient then position it near the cats bed or by the cat flap. Liberal applications of perfumed wax polish will prevent cats scratching polished wood. Also try pinning portions of fresh orange peel on fabrics which your cat scratches. Cats just hate the smell of zest. After a while your cat will be turned off from attacking your piece of furniture and you’ll no longer need to renew the orange peel.

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Just Animal Products - Gift Shop

We now have a gift shop, linked with Ebay for a whole range of animal related products. The range is expanding all the time.

In the shop you’ll find:

Dog mugs                                    Greeting Cards

Dog & Cat Dishes                         Pet Accessories

Glass Tumblers                            Pet Coasters

Dog Accessories                          Animal Keyrings

Animal Shopping Bags               Various other items

Just click on the link below to go straight into our Just Animal Products ebay shop. Or by clicking onto our Gift Shop page you will see a range of dog mugs.

Ebay shop – Just Animal Products

Payment: Don’t have a Paypal account? Don’t worry, instead of buying direct from ebay call us and give us the ebay item number. You can also purchase any of our dog mugs from the Gift Shop. Just ring in your order.

Order any of our animal Products and pay for these using any Debit/Credit card over the phone.

Ring us on 01733 705349

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Hill Science Plan – New Products &
Special Promotions

Hill's Science Plan Cat Food
We are running a special promotion - Buy a Trial size 400g bag of Hills Science Plan of chicken or tuna flavour and we will refund the money excluding postage on your next purchase of a 5kg bag.

Great offer - £4.50 off on Adult 5kg bags – NOW reduced from £32.30 to £27.80. Not only that these bags work out very economically at 27p per day (when feeding your cat 50g per day for an average weight of cat of 4kg). This is a complete food for your cat and you don’t need to feed them anything else. Just 27p per day - wow
Trial size 400g bag of Hills Science Plan of chicken or tuna flavour

1kg Bag of Hills Adult ChickenGreat Value - 1kg Bag of Hills Adult Chicken
Only 6.50 now available.
Keeping costs low.



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Kittens and Cats for Re-Homing  

Kittens and Cats  Re-Homing service We sometimes get calls from customers who are either looking for a kitten or an adult cat or trying to find a home for cats they have found lost and abandoned.

As a FREE service please let us know what sort of cat you are looking for as we will pass on the details of the person who has a suitable cat.

Likewise if you or anyone else you know is looking to re-home their cat please let us know as we may have somebody looking for your cat. As part of this free service the understanding is that you are prepared for us to simply pass on your name and telephone number.

Customer Feedback

And lastly, please give us your feedback on your thoughts to our website or on the services we provide or anything you would like us to include in the next newsletter.


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