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Pet Sitting a different way to care for your pets.
(The Scene March 10th 2010)

Pet sitting service PeterboroughThere have been, in recent times, an increased number of ways to look after your pets should you need to go away or due to illness cannot look after your precious pets. The traditional boarding catteries and kennels have always been there but now there is a Pet Sitting Service or Pet Home Visits, as we like to call them, and the registered live in Pet Sitter.

Each of these methods has their own merits and need careful consideration before using. Cats are creatures of habits like walking the same path down the garden, sleeping in a favourite place and are very familiar with home surroundings.

When you move home this does upset your cat's routine until they eventually become settled again. The same applies when using a cattery for the first time and as long as the environment is pleasant and run by cat caring staff your cat will soon become accustomed to its second home from the regular attention they receive. A minority of some pets don't settle in kennels and catteries due to their own personality traits. They can become quite stressed and go introvert and unapproachable. Therefore the next best service to use is a Pet Sitting service where a member of the cattery establishment will make one or two visits to your home to attend to your Pets needs.

Dog walking service PeterboroughIt's a great service if you are at work all day and need your dog walking. this service is very useful and financially more advantageous when you have a few pets like rabbits, guineapigs and cats or dogs. With someone attending your house it does lend a certain amount of home security, such as collecting post, putting bins out and even watering the plants. Your home is treated with great respect.

Alternatively, to all these services is the live in pet sitter but this can be quite expensive. Like all well maintained and run boarding establishments they get to know your pets personally, their likes and dislikes and personalities.

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