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Just for Cats Cattery

offers premier indoor boarding for Cats and rabbits, guineapigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, gerbils, birds and many other small animals for pet owners in the Peterborough and surrounding area.
Cattery and small animal boarding Peterborough
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Cat Boarding facilities in Peterborough

Just for Cats Cattery

Our sole purpose is to look after your cat[s] or any small animal while you're away or unable to look after your pets for any other reason. Our primary aim is to provide care and attention to your animal to maximize their comfort and pleasure in a secure environment.

So how do we meet our aim? Well our well-designed premier Indoor Boarding Cattery is built of brick construction providing perfect protection from the elements of weather especially windy, cold days. On these types of days each of the chalets are heated during the winter months. In the summer the building is air cooled/ventilated using electric fans with roof ventilation providing comfort for the animals. Each chalet has a spacious green coloured floor exercise area that simulates a natural environment and a ladder leading straight up to the sleeping quarters. Gentle background music is playing during the day.

Every day as part of our daily routines we give each of our occupied chalets particularly in the mornings a general clean and tidy up, provide fresh food, top up the waters and may need to change bedding blankets. Each of our cat clients gets lots of fuss and attention with perhaps a gentle groom as long as they will permit us. In the late afternoons and early evenings we again provide them with their evening meals and general tidy up. In between these times during the day we spasmodically, on various occasions pop down to the cattery to check on each of our boarding cats to make sure they are ok.

Your cat[s] will enjoy good views through the windows of their chalets looking out onto the gardens to see all wildlife outside such as ducks, birds and all kinds of creepy crawlies that will amuse them no end. Of course we have the playful antics of our own two cats: Billy and Nelson. It's a very relaxed affair, with the delights of music playing, food available throughout the day and they will simply snooze away the day to their hearts content in their private sleeping quarters.

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The Cat Chalet

Cat boarding Facilities PeterboroughEach chalet is a self-contained unit providing your cat with the necessities required for their daily comfort that includes a spacious floor area in a green colour to simulate a natural environment and separate sleeping quarters. Each Chalet has sneeze barriers on both side of the chalet for protection. Your cats will have their own self contained chalet and will not mix with any other cats. Food and water bowls, litter trays and clean bedding are provided. Twice daily your cat is provided with fresh food and clean water in the mornings and evenings and we also make sure the chalet is cleaned and inspected.

Heater pads covered with blankets are placed inside the sleeping quarters of each chalet providing a warm ambient temperature to keep your cat cosy and warm during the cooler days.

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Normally, we feed all our cat clients on Hills Science Plan, a dry biscuit food that we believe is one of the best quality, well balanced cat foods on the market. Hill's Science Plan is a very nutritional complete diet that best serves the internal health of your cat. We also provide a range of well known brands of wet foods both in Jelly and Gravy varieties.

If your prefer us to stick to your cat's usual diet then we are very happy to oblige and all you need to do is provide us with their usual diet and we will provide you will a small discount in the boarding fees. Otherwise we will feed your cat from a variety of other well-known brand of foods including wet food that we have in stock.

As with most cats should your cat like the Hill's range then we will recommend this once your cat leaves our cattery. We can, at your request make up small bags of Hills Science Plan biscuits for you to take home at very competitive selling prices. As we supply Hill's food we have more information on the page for Hill's Science Plan Food.

We will help towards meeting any special dietary requirements for your animal.

Hills Science Plan specialist cat food Hills Science Plan specialist cat food Hills Science Plan specialist cat food Hills Science Plan specialist cat food Hills Science Plan specialist cat food

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stop your pet getting worms

Just for Cats Cat Chalets

Spacious Indoor Cattery FacilitiesA cattery with plenty to keep your pet amusedRelaxing surroundings for you catA peaceful view from the cattery window makes Just for Cats cattery Peterborough's premier cattery

cattery peterborough Opening Times

 We are open all year round and our opening times are:

Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 11.00am
  05:00 - 06:00pm 
Sat: 09:00 - 11:00am
Sun: 09:00 - 10:00am

Closed on all Bank Holidays, Xmas, Boxing day and New Years day to the public ONLY but we still look after your animals.

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Debbie & Andrew Harris
34 Peterborough Road

Tel: 01733 705349

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