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What proof do we need of my cat's vaccination?

Your vet will provide you with a vaccination certificate. Inside it will show the date of vaccination along with a sticky label off the vaccine bottle and a date of its next annual booster. On the day of arrival to our cattery bring with you your cat vaccination certificate.

Why are cat vaccinations so important?

When your cats comes into a cattery there will be lots of other cats. Some cats can carry the cat flu virus, which becomes airborne and your cat may contract it this way. The same can apply by your cat brushing against the next-door neighbours cat. Cat flu can be very nasty for cats so it’s important that they’re protected for their well-being.

My cats never been vaccinated - what do I do?

Quite simply go to a vet and get your cat booked in. The most important vaccination for when your cats goes into a cattery is the Cat Flu and Enteritus.

What is the vaccination procedure?

When your cats goes to the vets for its first cat flu vaccinations it will have:

  • Its first jab on day one
  • 3 weeks later your cat will go back for its final jab known as the booster
  • 2 weeks after its booster jab is when your cat is ready to go into a cattery because this is when its immune system is fully protected.
  • 12 months later from the date of your last cats vaccination you need to go back to the vets for its annual injection.

What if my cat's vaccination dates have lapsed?

If your cats vaccination dates have lapsed by a few weeks don’t worry just go back to the vets for its annual booster. If its lapse by a few months you need to consult your vets as probably your cat will need to start all over gain as explained above.

What food do you provide?

We provide some of the best the best brands of food on the market for dry and wet foods carefully chosen purely for its nutritional qualities. For dry food we also cater for hypersensitivity and most cats like it, however if your cat prefers not to eat this then we will provide a range of other food as well as wet meats from well known brands. Or if you prefer, you can bring in your own food.

Can I pick up my animals on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

Please refer to our strict opening times. If you arrive back on a Saturday afternoon then please collect on Sunday morning. If arrive back on a Sunday afternoon then please collect on Monday morning.

What do I need to bring?

Apart from bringing in your cat and vaccination certificate you really don’t need to bring anything else in. We provide all the bedding, dirt trays, feeding/water bowls and a few toys. However, if you prefer to bring in your cat’s favourite blanket or toy then that’s absolutely fine.

What do the Boarding Fees include?

All our boarding fees as indicated on our tariff page includes the following:
Food, Boarding Insurance, Heating, VAT

How do you calculate the boarding fees?

To calculate your total boarding fees just simply multiply the appropriate boarding fee by the number of actual boarding days.

Can you collect my cat?

Yes, we provide a Pet Taxi service

Can you deliver my cat back to me?

Yes, we provide a Pet Taxi service

Can you collect my animal?

Yes, we provide a Pet Taxi service

Will you give my animal’s medication?

Yes, please provide the medications and your instructions

Can you look after my cat at home?

Yes, we provide a Pet Sitting service

Can you look after my animals at home?

Yes, we provide a Pet Sitting service