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Liquid ChlorophyllBad Breath - Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll is an ideal tonic for your pet with bad breath. Suitable for cats and dogs and helps to deodorise the body improve the immune response, reduces acidic levels, and cleans the blood of impurities. It also helps towards improving proper bowel movements. A bad breath can be the result of decaying teeth as a result of eating meats, poor digestion or parasites. Equally, Chlorophyll will deodorise internally and oxygenate the blood. Parasites hate oxygen. Liquid Chlorophyll is like having a very mild detox helping to clean the animal from within.

By simply putting a squirt of Liquid Chlorophyll into the animal's drinking water will improve their overall wellbeing. At first they may not drink it due to its smell so make sure there are no other sources of water, i.e. rain water in outside pots or dripping taps in the house, so that when they need to drink they have to drink their Chlorophyll water. Just need to persevere with them or alternatively, put into their food. Have you ever noticed you cat eating grass and after they are sick. Well, medicinally, they know chlorophyll, contained in grass, is good for them but they cannot digest the fibrous texture of grass.

Liquid chlorophyll is also ideal for dogs as it helps prevent burn marks on lawns when bitches are in season. One customer commented that up to 75% reduction in lawn burn marks were noticed has a result of his animal drinking Liquid Chlorophyll. Also beneficial toward stopping the bitch scent when they come into heat and also reduces bad breath for them too.

The bottle size 473ml

Herb dosage
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Retail Price:
10.95 less 20% off(when ordered off our Athena Website)

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Stop roundworm hookworm tapeworm whipworms and ticks with Black WalnutPet Parasite Control – Black Walnut

Periodically, during the year we need worming to help our pets who suffer from these intestinal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, tapeworms, whipworms and ticks which are protozoal parasites. To get rid of these pesky parasites simply put Black Walnut into the pet’s water or food and make sure they get their dosage. Alternatively, dilute it and syringe it into their mouths. Dogs are much easier to do than cats but please persist for their welfare.

With cats they are more discerning toward smells of unfamiliarity that is placed into their foods and it is important that they get their dosage of Black Walnut. Not all animals but some will turn their nose away from an unfamiliar smell so therefore ensure they cannot get other sources of water i.e. dripping taps or rain water in outside plant pots. Persevere; they will drink it for their own benefit and you as a family.

stop pet parasitesBlack Walnut Extract helps to internally get rid of ringworm, amoebas, protozoa, pinworms (mainly in humans) and fungus. Its properties are antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral. It affects the intestinal, immune, skin and structural systems. It also contains iodine for the thyroid and also helps balance sugar levels and burns up excessive toxins and fatty material.

Also ideal for the whole family to take and for further technical information then please contact us.

The bottle size 59ml

Herb dosage
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Retail Price:
10.95 less 20% off
(when ordered off our Athena Website)
P+P: 2.99

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Silver ShieldFight Pet Infections - Silver Shield

Silver Shield has many uses and is a must have in any first aid cupboard for all your animals especially if they are suffering with abrasions, irritations or sores, cuts and wounds of the skin. This solution is both an anti-bacterial and antiviral to fight infections such as Viruses and Fungi, which can cause all kinds of problems for animals. Symptoms such as sneezing, nasal discharge, discharge from the eyes, sore eyes, coughing, fever, loss of appetite (anorexia) salivation and dehydration are the effects of viruses. Transmission of viruses can either be airborne from sneezing or by brushing up against another animal in the garden. It is also anti-parasitic meaning that it effective against numerous micro-organisms which live just beneath the animal’s skin or inside its body and can cause skin irritations.

Silver has always been used over the centuries where people use to drop silver coins into water to stop it going bad for medicinal purposes. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This is a patented product that contains 14 ppm and is not only effective in this low concentration, it is also safe to use regularly. Can be taken orally as well as applied externally. This is without doubt a fantastic product and extremely effective.

Retail Price: 19.95 (when ordered off our Athena Website)
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We are a registered distributor and have been for a number of years with Nature’s Sunshine.

At Nature’s Sunshine, they formulate, manufacture and sell the highest quality natural health products in the world. All product formulas and ingredients are rigorously tested at all stages of manufacture to ensure potency, purity and efficacy. Nature’s Sunshine does not settle for mediocrity. Doing so would be a direct contradiction to their creed of integrity. If the products are not working for our customers then they are not working for Nature’s Sunshine.

1] Clicking on any one of the links of our featured Herbal Supplements for Pets on our Pet Health Page will take you directly to our Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) Distributorship sponsored Website in conjunction with our other company – Athena Holistics, a company for recommended holistic therapy treatments and Herbal supplements for people and pets.

2] 90 day Money Back Guarantee - Product Quality is guaranteed. If, after purchasing an NSP product and using it for a reasonable time of at least 90 days and you feel it is unsatisfactory for any reason, then you should return it to us for a full refund. This guarantee applies only to products that have not been misused, intentionally damaged, discontinued or outdated.

3] All orders for products placed through the Nature’s Sunshine Athena Holistic’s Website will be despatched by Nature’s Sunshine Head quarters in Telford and usually takes up to 4 days for delivery.

4] The prices for each of the NSP products on the website will all ready include the promotion discount of, typically 20%, off the recommended retail price with postage and packing to be added on top.

5] Payment of orders by credit or debit card is acceptable at all times on a secure portal.

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