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offers premier indoor boarding for Cats and rabbits, guineapigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, gerbils, birds and many other small animals for pet owners in the Peterborough and surrounding area.
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Terms and Conditions

Making a booking – all bookings now require a deposit to secure the booking. Normally we accept 50% of the total booking fees in advance. The deposit is not required straight away if your proposed booking is months in advance as long as it is paid approximately two months minimum before the arrival date. If your arrival date is quite soon then we would like your deposit paid when making your booking. We are quite flexible and would like to make sure your booking is secured.

This is payable over the phone or please pop in to pay cash.

The deposit is fully refundable on any cancellation of bookings made, less any nominal Debit/Credit card charges. However, if the booking is cancelled within less than a week before your arrival date then the deposit is non- refundable. However, we may waiver this condition based on management’s discretion only.

Cancellations – You have every right to make a cancellation to your booking at any time as long as it’s not less than one week prior to your actual arrival date and a full refund will be provided less any nominal card charges, if applicable. If you cancel less than one week before your arrival date then unfortunately your deposit is non refundable. However, the management reserve the full discretionary rights as to reduce this partly or waiver the levy completely.

Amendments to your booking - If you need to reduce the boarding period of your existing booking in advance of more than one week of the arrival date of your booking then we will reduce the total boarding fees in accordance to reflect the actual new boarding period. If it’s less than one week then we will have to charge for the full boarding as to the original existing booking made by you. Again, we reserve the full discretionary rights as to whether we’ll reduce this partly or waiver completely the extra days boarding fees that you do not require.

Pet Boarding Insurance - During the period of boarding between the arrival and departure dates your animal will be covered by our full pet insurance and is included within the boarding fees. Our insurance will not cover for any pre-existing animal illnesses; we will only cover for illnesses that have arisen as a result of the boarding period

Pet Sitting Service - To book our pet sitting service we require full payment in advance of the start date either by cash or debit/credit card. If you would like us to make an initial visit to your home to arrange this service there may be a small charge, at management discretion, to cover expenses and will be added onto your final bill. Our charges are based on a per visit basis and included all labour and fuel costs.

If you prefer to pay by debit/credit card then we will ring you after the initial visit to arrange the payment over the phone. Or you can visit our facilities to make arrangements and make payment there and then.

We shall need to complete paperwork to obtain information about your pets and to receive your house key. As we are fully police vetted you are very welcome to request the presence of our CBR form and view our special insurance papers for Pet Sitting.

- We only accept cash or Debit/Credit Cards as payment. Unfortunately we do NOT accept Cheques. For all new customers using us for the first time we would ask you to pay on the day of arrival otherwise our regular customers can pay either on the arrival or departure day.

Boarding Fees
- Boarding fees are charged from the date of arrival to the date of departure. Your boarding fees due will be for the full period booked with no reductions made if you collect your animal[s] early.

Boarding Contract - All customers are requested to complete and sign our boarding contract and make reference to the "Conditions of Acceptance", which is displayed in our reception. As part of the boarding process you will be required to complete a Customer Record Card giving us information about you and your pets. Please refer to our Reservation Page, toward the bottom to download our Customer Record Card pdf file.

Medical Conditions - An animal with a known pre-existing medical condition or receiving medication will be accepted for boarding on the understanding that any future vet fees incurred during the boarding period will be met, in full, by the owner of the Animal. A Pet Taxi charge may have to be added if we are needed to take your animal to the vets concerning this medical condition. Please refer to our Pet Taxi page for Pet Taxi rates.

- Your cat must be fully inoculated against Feline Enteritis (cat flu) and the vets certificate must be shown as proof upon arrival. Again we must see your certificate 12 months later when your cat has been for their annual injections for further bookings.

- In case of an emergency we require an emergency contact name and telephone so that we can make a courtesy call should your animal fall ill. We prefer to make contact with your designated contact so as to not upset your holiday should your animal develop an illness. We will arrange with your designated emergency contact to attend to your animal’s wellbeing issue. Or we can make contact with you direct if you prefer.

If we discover that your animal has fallen ill as a result from the experience of the boarding period then we will take to the vets at our cost. However, if we need to take your animal to a vet of your chosen as a result of a pre-existing condition then we will either charge you for a pet Taxi service our rates are as per Pet taxi Page – Tariffs. Or you may prefer, if convenient, to use your own emergency contact to do the pet Transportation to a vet.

- Should your animal go ill for any reason then we will use our vets or your preferred vet as stated on the Customer record card.

stop your pet getting wormsGet rid of bad breath cats and dogs Opening Times

 We are open all year round and our opening times are:

Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 11.00am
  05:00 - 06:00pm 
Sat: 09:00 - 11:00am
Sun: 09:00 - 10:00am

Closed on all Bank Holidays, Xmas, Boxing day and New Years day to the public ONLY but we still look after your animals.

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