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Cat’s First Time

During the Cat’s Stay

What is a Cattery.


Have you often wondered about taking a holiday or just to go away for a few days but don’t know how or who is going to look after your animals. Where does one gain the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your animal will be cared for properly? A proper licensed boarding establishment of course!

Those who care for and ensure the wellbeing of your animals whose love, affection and empathy for all animals can no doubt call themselves a professional animal carer within a boarding establishment. There are all kinds of animal establishments such as animal shelters, Animal charities, boarding establishments like kennels and catteries all serving to care for animals.

A kennels establishment boards all breeds of dogs and some of these boarding facilities also board cats hence kennels and cattery. These types of boarding establishments are fine if your cat is use to being with dogs as the constant barking can be rather off putting for your cat that may induce unnecessary stress and ultimately not enjoy their boarding stay.

Kennels like catteries serve an important role for local society. A cattery on its own is a set up purely for the boarding of cats only with perhaps the exception of boarding many types of smaller animals. Catteries are well suited for cats.

Cattery Units

A cattery is a number of cat individual housing units that your cat will stay in. These units are all grouped together built in accordance to the animal welfare act and meets the local council’s licensing requirements. This, in itself, will provide you with the confidence needed.

The animal welfare act state many guidelines that any good cattery must comply with like stipulating the size of units, its construction, lighting, heating and procedural policies. The local council make regular annual checks to uphold the animal welfare act and issues a business operating license on compliance to catteries.

At Just for Cats Cattery

We are purely a cattery only plus the boarding of small animals and we are fully licensed with Peterborough City Council and compliant with all aspect of the Animal Welfare Act

Cat Unit Construction – are built to required size and comprises of an exercise floor area with a separate sleeping compartment, which is heated with either localised heat mats or Tubular heaters or both. Solid wall panelling, known as sneeze barriers, is used to prevent the airborne transference of viruses for each of the units.

We have both indoor and outdoor cat units. The indoor are less prone to the elements of the British weather and perfectly sheltered from higher winds making the inside much warmer. Outdoor is perfect in warmer summer periods allowing the outside into the cattery. But what is most important of all out the two is their compliance to the animal welfare act. The rest is down to choice.

How your animal(s) are looked after – with your animals details registered on our system we will meet and carry out your instructions for feeding, if specific, and all medications. All written procedures are all in place detailing on all aspects of running a good cattery from hygiene & cleanliness, disinfection, animal illness and medications.

Cat’s First Time

This can be a little daunting at first and from experience the best way is to allow the cat space and time to adjust to its new surroundings even if it means leaving them in their own baskets, opened of course, as they will treat this as their own safe refuge. With a few cat treats put down and a few strokes with the hand gradually they will come round and explore their new surroundings. Typically a day or two and before you know it they are our best friends.


Food is always a plenty here and we cater for their tastes as best we can. Typically, in the mornings they see a lot of us, staff, working and going in and out of the cat units regularly cleaning, tidying and feeding and as long as the cat is permitting we tend to cuddle and play with them. During the day we do spot checks, general tidy of their units and check on waters and for tea times we feed again.  In the evenings we then close their doors to sleeping quarters ready for night time. And that is the routine we go through every day.

During the Cats Stay – we monitor your cat’s health and wellbeing and treat this as an important part of our service. Making note of their eating unless on a very strict diet to monitoring their toilet habits. Their toilet habits can tell a few stories of which we would then pass on any important information to you. If your cat develops an illness during its stay, which is very rare but has happened, and depending upon the severity we would seek veterinary attention and inform you as soon as possible. This all detailed on a terms and conditions page

What’s so special about us?

A short while back we were a registered centre with City & Guilds for Animal Care courses for schools and a long with our 20 years experience of running a cattery we just love our animals.

We have two cats of our own, Nelson the loveable rogue and Lola the cutie, we have Kali the dog she’s so gorgeous and pretty, two rabbits and three guinea pigs.

Generally, we know what we are doing from all the vast experience we have accumulated and quite simply, your animals are in safe hands. We are very professional, courteous and attentive towards all our animal friends.

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